The Grove


The Grove

“Olivares del Derramador” are a Terroir EVOO obtained exclusively with olives grown on the family-owned estate “El Derramador”, in the limits with the provinces of Valencia and Alicante. The property dates from the mid-18th century.

Our priority: is to obtain an immaculate product with strict attention to detail in the filed combining the use of natural fertilizer with the most up to date practices. The crops are irrigated using natural spring water which is collected in a 120m well from a mountain to the noth of the plantation.

Our objective: to produce the best EVOO from plantation to bottle, through irrigation control and optimization of natural sustainable resources.


Surroundings and Climate

The farm is situated in a geographic zone with an ideal microclimate and specific composition of the soil that distinguish this zone from others.

In our single varietal oils you can notice the nuances of each variety and each crop, as it happens with the wines, they have a distinctive light nuances.

Our Olive trees

The olive plantation, spanning over 75 hectares, traditionally cultivates a wide variety of olives using a specialized intensive system. The varieties include Arbequina and Koroneiki and also a centenary olive grove of Blanqueta and Valleta. In addition, the olive plantation cultivates vines Tempranillo and Monastrell variety of grape.