Our Oil AOVE

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Single Varietal with personality

Our aim is quality and excellence, therefore, our Evoo is a mono varietal and respects te personality of each variety we cultivate.

Currently we produce: Arbequina and Koroneiki olive varieties.

The Arbequina is also known by the names of Arbequí or Arbequín. The plant, which is rustic tree with upright bearing, withstands low-temperatures. The fruit is small and round in shape. They have a staggered ripening beginning between October or November. Their delicate oil, fragrant and light, becomes ideal for steamed, salt or grilled fish, salads, cheeses and fresh pasta. In essence provides food with fine flavours and personality. Since the sweet sensations of olives and ripe tomato predominate in it, along with almond and hazelnut.

On the other hand, the Koroneiki variety has its origins in Greece. Particularly abundant in the Peloponnese, Crete, Samos and Zakynthos.

The tree is of high vigour and open shape. It has a low resistance to cold and its olives time of flowering and ripening is slightly later than in the case of Arbequina. Its fruits are very small and peaked. The oil obtained is remarkably intense on the palate with notes of: almond, fresh grass, tomato, artichoke, herbaceous nuances and a bit spicy. These sensations enhance the taste of the food and give a distinctive character.